Dumpster Rental Company in Baltimore

Dumpster Rental Services

We understand that while we do have the muscle to handle any demolition and clean-out, some of our customers prefer to use their own crew.

If you’d like to go the DIY route with your project, just rent our roll-off dumpster. We’ll deliver and pick it up, and then take everything to the dump. Know that recyclables will be separated and handled appropriately.

Calculate what you need

We’ve got 5 different containers to choose from. Deciding which is the right one for you will depend on:

Most likely, your crew already knows what size of container to rent. If not, our team can assist with those calculations.


Our containers come in four different sizes:

  • 10-yard
  • 13-yard (can get through city alleys – read below!)
  • 20-yard
  • 30-yard
  • 40-yard

Review the dimensions of each container to help determine what’s best for your project:

When a Permit is needed

The last thing we want is for you to get in trouble with your municipality. Keep these points in mind.

No permit is needed, if the container:

  • Can fit on your property
  • Is delivered and removed on the same day – even if it’s on the street.

The alleys of East Coast cities can be daunting and difficult for a truck to pass through. But that is NOT the case with our Isuzu and its 13-yard container. Our truck gets through tight spaces, where other trucks cannot.

Permit is needed:

If the container is placed on a public roadway or alley for more than a day.

Added Convenience

As an extra service to our customers, we will secure that permit for you. All we need is a notice of three business days. The cost to get a permit is $99.

Fine Print


Dumpster rental fee includes delivery and pickup in greater Baltimore; rates may increase travel time that exceeds 45 minutes


Same-day drop-off and pickup available


Bulk items

$20 surcharge per bulk item, such as mattresses, couches, refrigerators, appliances

Prohibited items

Hazardous waste, paint, oil, sealed tanks/drums, tires, and air conditioners


Do not place sharp objects on the top of the dumpster to avoid puncturing the dumpster’s tarp


MoveJunk assumes no responsibility for damage to driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc.

Another option: Full Junk Removal Service

Keep in mind, the other way to go is to employ our services to remove your junk or debris. We’ve got the muscle to get the job done.

Making junk removal EASY!

Our qualified team has experience with the proper tools and equipment to do the job quickly.

Having our team get the entire job done may be the quicker route to getting your project completed, allowing you and your team to use your resources in another, more efficient way.

Our muscle

We know that a cluttered or messy house can be very stressful. That’s why we offer our services to help you declutter your home and live a more peaceful life, creating a healthy and happy environment for you and your family.

Demolition Service

Our experts have 70 years of experience with demolitions – aka “demos.” We’ve handled all kinds of projects – from entire redesign with new room dimensions to row house removal.