Say Goodbye to endless storage fees and hello to savings.

Our Baltimore-based team specializes in removing unwanted items from self-storage units.

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Have you ever stopped to calculate how much you’re spending on self-storage? Do the math! It’s easy … and distressing!

  1.  Take your monthly payment
  2.  Multiply by 12
  3.  That’s your annual spend for monthly storage

Most pay between $125 (low end) – $200 per month – and that equates to $1,500 – $2,400 annually … wow! 

Let us get rid of that burden. We’ll clean out your self-storage unit quickly & efficiently. 

Say goodbye to self-storage stress and hello to savings!

Declutter Your Self-Storage Nightmare with Our Junk Removal Services

  • Are you stuck in the never-ending cycle of self-storage payments?
  • Do you find yourself shuffling items in and out every few months?

It’s time to break free from the clutter and the relentless monthly fees that self-storage companies love to charge.

Escape the Self-Storage Fee Trap

Don’t Get Trapped in the Monthly Fee Maze

Self-storage companies lure you in with their low prices at the beginning. Month after month, they hit you with increasing fees, leaving your budget in shambles.

Before you know it, you’re spending way more than you ever intended. It’s time to break free from the fee frenzy If you haven’t looked at or used those items in a while, it’s probably time to clean it out.

Move Junk offers an affordable and transparent solution to empty your storage unit.

Stop the Shuffle: Get Back Your Valuable Space

Reclaim Your Space

Our team will remove your items and dispense of them, relieving you of the costly monthly payments and the hassle of managing your storage. 

The Move Junk team is here to help you declutter and regain control of your space.

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