Strengthening Communities: National Night Out 2023 in Halethorpe

National Night Out 2023 was not just an event, but a reflection of the strong bonds that have been forged between the Halethorpe Community and various government agencies. The goal is to break down barriers and have people in the neighborhood and those serving the are get to meet and know one another. Some of government agencies that actively participated in the event:  The Baltimore Police Department ,Baltimore County PoliceBaltimore Fire DepartmentMaryland Transportation Authority Police,  UMBCBaltimore County GovernmentAmtrak Police Department, and Maryland Natural Resources Police.  

A selfie with Otis and yours truly
Klever & his wife check out Maryland Natural Resources Police

Our team was out in full force! One of our leaders, Klever, attended with his wife. He is a “furniture removalist” and an expert at getting any of our jobs done. His father aptly named him “Klever” because he is exactly that – very clever. A true problem solver.

As a former teacher, I bring structure to the group and do my best at handling the Operations side of the business. Most of our clients speak to me, when they call us. 

David Hilger, a co-owner, was also on hand and responsible for taking many of the pictures here. David is great at outreach. And as a Baltimore real estate developer, he’s a recurring customer, too!  


The highlights of the night include:

  • The Police flew in a helicopter, and Otis Collins warned vendors to hold onto their tents. Once parked in the field, the helicopter was free for attendees to inspect, and Klever and his wife from our team inspected it closely. 
  • The organizers supplied games for the kids in the field, including cornhole bean bag toss. 
  • Our 2 trucks were parked right next to the big ladder fire truck. We were impressed as the huge, shiny truck came on the field, especially when the driver stepped off the truck. At maybe 5’ tall, she impressed us all – here’s a small woman driving this massive truck … awesome!
  • Otis gave out awards, and he was surprised when he got an award at the end of the night, too!  This was a well deserved recognition for his 40+ years of dedication to the community. What an incredible community leader!
  • Vehicles for Change gave out free hotdogs, and they didn’t last to long once the word got out. Vehicles for Change was there to spread the word about their organization, and how they train returning citizens to become certified mechanics and have 200 graduates from their internship program!  Let’s not stop there. They also sell donated cars to the community at a very affordable price. Why? So, people can get to work and provide for their family. How cool is that! 
  • Hotdogs weren’t the only food item. Donuts were also distributed, and as you can guess, they were a huge hit. 
  • UMBC team successfully built a dune buggy made from scratch. The students spent hours building this cool machine that had a mini gas engine. If you were small enough, they would let you sit in buggy. 
  • The police had two BIG motorcycles and if you were nice to them they would let you sit on them
  • I got a FREE haircut from the  Baltimore Beauty and Barber School. It was worth the one hour. They did a great job even though I don’t have a lot of hair. 🤣
  • Other vendors with tables  at this event were:  Home DepotVital Sign Home Carethe Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute, and Halethorpe-Relay United Methodist Church.

National Night Out 2023 serves as a platform to acknowledge and honor the exceptional contributions of community leaders, who play a pivotal role in shaping Halethorpe into a safe haven for its residents. They exemplify the spirit of unity, hard work, and dedication that define the essence of community. Their tireless efforts deserve recognition, and the community awards presented during the event serve as a testament to their unwavering commitment. By showcasing the collaborative efforts of government agencies, local businesses, and dedicated community leaders, this event highlights the potential for positive transformation, when a community invests in itself. 

National Night Out 2023 at the Halethorpe Community Center is more than just a social gathering – it’s a celebration of unity, progress, and community-driven change. We not only celebrated the achievements of the past, but also look forward to a future that promises even greater strides in building a vibrant and thriving Halethorpe.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Halethorpe community!