Move Junk of Baltimore Guts a 2400 Sq Ft Property     Move Junk of Baltimore Guts a 2400 Sq Ft Property

As investors flock to Baltimore –  not just from surrounding areas! –  they are recognizing the value of buying rowhomes here. And there are many reasons to do so – the affordable entry, foreclosure market, and the high student population to name a few. In this post, we will focus on the project we conducted for one of those investors – a 2400 square foot rowhouse on Callow Street in Baltimore, Maryland that  underwent a transformation in May 2023. Move Junk, a local junk removal company, took on the challenge of gutting this worn-out space to its bare bones. With a commitment to excellence and a determination to deliver the investor’s vision, Move Junk worked on this week-long job that showcased their expertise and dedication to their craft. 

The Investor’s Vision

The investor had a clear vision for the rowhouse’s renovation. They challenged Move Junk’s leader, Ron, with a succinct directive: “I want to see from the front to the back. Everything must go.” This vision required removing all non-load-bearing walls, stripping the interior down to the studs, and completely clearing the space of any remnants of its former self. The task list was extensive and demanding, covering everything from plumbing to flooring and electrical systems.

A Comprehensive Renovation

Move Junk’s crew dived into the project headfirst on a Monday morning, fully aware of the magnitude of the task before them. The first order of business was to remove all non-essential walls, ensuring that the space opened up as envisioned. Load-bearing walls remained untouched, but every other walls was taken down to create a seamless flow from the front of the house to the back.

A Comprehensive Renovation      A Comprehensive Renovation

Demolition Baltimore      Demolition Baltimore

The meticulous process involved gutting the space to its core – plaster, studs, and furring strips were meticulously removed from walls and ceilings, creating a blank canvas for the renovation process. Plumbing lines were removed, the heating system was dismantled, and even the washer, dryer, kitchen, and all appliances were carted away, making space for the new design to take shape.

A Complex Undertaking

The challenges encountered during this renovation were not for the faint of heart. Cast iron heaters were carefully extracted, bathroom fixtures were removed, and the sub-flooring was taken out, unveiling the foundation of the transformation. Move Junk’s expertise shone through as they even tackled more intricate tasks like removing a vestibule and a hidden stairwell, underscoring their commitment to delivering on the investor’s vision.

Electrifying Progress

The integration of modern conveniences was pivotal to the success of the project. Move Junk’s team installed three live electrical plugs, strategically placed – one for each floor. This small yet essential addition showcased the thoughtful planning that went into every detail of the renovation.

Demolition Baltimore     Move Junk of Baltimore Guts a 2400 Sq Ft

A Week of Dedication

Despite the complexity of the project, Move Junk’s team displayed remarkable efficiency. From start to finish, the transformation took just five days – a true testament to their dedication, teamwork, and well-honed skills. The relentless commitment to the project’s completion was evident in the results – with the interior completely reimagined and ready for the  next chapter of this rowhouse.

A Pile of Progress

As the week drew to a close, the material that once defined the old rowhouse was removed –  and it was over 24 tons of material!

Our team utilized our own equipment to separate and haul the debris to Baltimore Recycling Center.  Move Junk is committed to recycling whatever material we can recycle. Move Junk had not only removed physical debris, but had also swept away the vestiges of the past to make room for a new beginning.

In the end … 

The transformation of the 2400 square foot rowhouse in Baltimore by Move Junk showcased the power of vision, dedication, and expertise. From the initial challenge to the final removal of debris, every step of the journey underscored the commitment to excellence that Move Junk brings to its projects. This renovation tale serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to breathe new life into old spaces and demonstrates that with the right team, even the most daunting transformations can become a reality.

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