MoveJunk Teaches Mechanic Math to Vehicles for Change Interns

MoveJunk Teaches Mechanic Math to Vehicles for Change Interns

A couple of months ago, I attended a Pacesetters networking event at the Halethorpe, Maryland location for Vehicles for Change. At the networking event, Marty Schwartz, the visionary founder of Vehicles for Change, introduced us to their transformative initiative that combines education, training, and community impact. Little did I know that this event would mark the beginning of an inspiring journey, one that would allow me to contribute to a remarkable program, while providing me with the satisfaction of giving back and also personal growth. As a junk removal guru and demolition expert by day, I’m able to give back to the Baltimore community by educating willing interns on math every week..

Marty Schwartz’s presentation was completely impressive, as he unveiled the key highlights of the Vehicles for Change program, founded in 2015 with a strong mission. 

Training and Entry into the Workforce

Vehicles for Change is dedicated to training individuals with multiple barriers to employment, including many recently released from prison, to become certified mechanics, offering them a way to finding a career, meaningful employment, and successful reintegration into society – which isn’t easy for an ex-con to do. The stories are heartwarming! The heart of this initiative is its paid internship program that provides interns with rigorous training to become skilled mechanics over a 3-5 month period. 

Over the years, the program has witnessed remarkable success, with over 200 individuals having successfully graduated from the internship. At the completion of their internship, 100% of our program graduates are immediately hired within the automotive industry. This achievement stands as a testament to the program’s effectiveness and the dedication of both the mentors and the interns. Through this program, individuals who have faced challenges in their past are given an opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their communities.

This initiative is also helping fill the shortage of auto technicians that’s plaguing car repair shops across the country. Vehicles for Change is truly a win-win!

Giving Families the Keys to a Brighter Future

Vehicles for Change makes car ownership possible for families in Maryland and Northern Virginia through vehicle donations. Eligible families can purchase certified, well-maintained vehicles with payments as low as $950. This is practicality and sustainability at it’s finest! Donated cars are reconditioned by their mechanics, showcasing the application of their acquired skills. These vehicles are then sold back to families in the community at an affordable price and with a warranty. This approach offers families a means of transportation and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment among the interns, knowing that their efforts are directly improving the lives of others.

As a retired math teacher from Connecticut, I was drawn to Marty Schwartz’s vision and the potential to contribute to this incredible initiative. With a desire to give back and empower these interns further, I approached Marty with an offer to teach basic math skills that is similar to adult education. Marty welcomed my idea with open arms, and I began teaching at the end of July 2023, dedicating 1.5 hours per week to the interns.

The teaching environment has been incredibly rewarding. The interns are quite engaged, and everyone is respectful, making the teaching experience immensely enjoyable. Our goal is simple yet impactful – to provide the interns with a basic understanding of mechanics-related math and to cultivate a strong sense of number proficiency.

My journey with Vehicles for Change has been a transformative one, allowing me to combine my passion for education with a meaningful cause. Witnessing the dedication of the interns, the commitment of the program’s leaders, and the positive impact on the community has reaffirmed my belief in the power of education as a catalyst for change.

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