Notice to Realtors – here’s how you can generate new listings!

Host a Neighborhood Clean Out in a community you’d like to target to get your name circulating. can make that happen for you.

With interest rates going up, and real estate sales slumping, you need a way to get more visibility and more listings. The National Association of Realtors encourages you to do so. And it ain’t easy! There are lots of realtors going for fewer and fewer listings, so you need to find a way to stand out from your competition. We can help you do just that!

Host a Neighborhood Clean Out with

Everyone has too much stuff. People tend to buy more and more things – from toys to clothing to furniture … and the list goes on and on. The problem is what to do with all of that old stuff once you no longer need it. And for those homeowners looking to move or downsize, it’s a major problem.

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to clean out. Who better to help them do so, than YOU!

Keep in mind that many of those looking to unload their junk are considering a move. So, a Neighborhood Clean Out can be the perfect way for you to ferret out, who’s thinking of cleaning out and moving. Now, you can meet them.

Here’s how we can – it’s easy!

To make a Neighborhood Clean Out happen, you’ll work closely with the neighborhood association and collaborate on when and where. They’ll LOVE the idea of having a free event, since associations are notoriously strapped for funds. The association will advertise the event with the neighbors for free AND your name, logo, and photo will be on all of those notices. And, then you have the added benefit of meeting a number of them, when they come by to get rid of their junk. To put it succinctly, there are 4 parts to making this happen:

  1. Plan – coordinate with community leaders to pick a location & potential dates
  2. Finalize – call us to set a date & time for us to deliver a dumpster for your 2-hour event
  3. Organize – plan promotion, food & drink (like donuts, coffee, BBQ), giveaways, and materials
  4. Promote – make flyers & distribute in the community

Here’s what will happen on Neighborhood Clean Out Day

It’s really not that complicated.

  • Offer free trash removal to community members in that neighborhood. Meet or have calls with the neighborhood association leader(s) and then set a location and potential dates for this 2-hour event.
  • Work with us to secure a date, and then confirm that date with the association.
  • To make the event stand:
    • Order some lawn signs (recommended vendor: MRI ) and work with the neighborhood association to strategically place them for those in the community to see and recognize
    • Plan to have handouts, food and water, a tent, and balloons to make it a celebratory event that will encourage neighbors to stop by
    • Music may ensure you’ve got a fun vibe going on, and hooking up your playlist to a portable speaker will do the trick
  • About 20 minutes before the start time, we’ll place a Dumpster.
  • As the neighbors drop off their junk (not trash!), you can meet, schmooze, and offer them real estate advice.

Your Costs

Here’s a breakdown of expenses to make this a successful

  • Our fee – $295. For this nominal cost, we’ll provide a roll-off a dumpster – that includes delivery, pick-up, and all dump fees. And, we’ll have a friendly MoveJunk representative to assist you.
  • Signage – lawn signs are inexpensive and quite effective, helping to market the event beyond the emails and flyers the neighborhood association will provide.
  • Canopy tent – securing such a tent is easy; if you don’t have one already, ask some of your friends. Or you can buy one online or at Walmart.
  • Giveaways – you probably have flyers and collateral already, along with your business cards.
  • Food & water – some of the realtors we’ve worked with have gone all out with BBQs, and some have gone with bagged and healthy snacks. Note – the beauty of a BBQ means that people will hang around longer to wait for their brat or burger and that BBQ aroma does encourage neighbors to stop by.


Watch this short video to see what Brigitte Williams, a realtor with Cummings & Co had to say about her event and why it worked for her.

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